The Department of epistat, Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, Medical School, University of Athens was established in 1933 at the Department of Social Medicine, Psychiatry and Neurology to educate (undergraduate and graduate programs) and also to perform research and cover diagnostic needs related to ongoing epidemiological research.
A) Teaching
1) To educate undergraduates in the School of Medicine Courses Epidemiology and Research Methodology, Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Medical Statistics and Occupational Medicine.
2) To educate undergraduate students of the Dental Department in the course of Biostatistics and Department of Pharmacy in the course of epistat and Epidemiology.
3) conducting studies for graduate students, School of Medicine and other Departments or Faculties at the University of objects: a) Social and Preventive Medicine, b) Biostatistics, c) Promotion and Health Education, and d) Occupational and Environmental Health.
B) Research
1) The Department of epistat, Epidemiology and Medical Statistics has been activated in research fields related to Epidemiology and Research Methodology, Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Medical Statistics, Medical Services and Occupational Health and specialized topics (epidemiology and prevention of infectious and chronic diseases, nutritional epidemiology, the epidemiology and prevention of violence and accidents and professional diseases, the environmental epidemiology, molecular and genetic epidemiology, health education, evaluation of health services, investigate management of risky health behavior and the development and application of biostatistics and bioinformatics methodology or other objects)
2) The Department of epistat and Epidemiology, Medical Statistics involved the following Special Units for Research and Diagnosis:
A) Special Units of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
i. Retroviruses,
ii. Viral hepatitis,
iii. Molecular Epidemiology and Bioinformatics
iv. Laboratory Diagnosis,
v. Malignant neoplasms,
vi. Cardiovascular Diseases,
vii. Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health Nutrition,
viii. Occupational Diseases, Occupational Assessment and Environmental Risk
ix. Cancers, Endocrine and Musculoskeletal Diseases,
x. Pharmacoepidemiology,
xi. Organization of primary care services,
xii. Programs for Promotion and Health Education,
xiii. Environmental Epidemiology,
xiv. Database for Public Health
xv. Accidents, Violence risk-taking behavior,
xvi. Health in old age
xvii. General Medicine
B) Special Units Medical Statistics
i. Applications of Statistical Methodology and Data Analysis,
ii. Development of Statistical Methods in Biomedical Sciences,
iii. Demographic Research Special Unit
As a result of the research activities of the laboratory, each year, more than 50 published scientific papers are published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.
C) Staff
The laboratory staff consists of 15 faculty members, 19 members of STEP / board and 90 members involved in research projects.


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